Sunday, December 26, 2010


I know, I know. I've neglected this blog far too long but work and travel has gotten in the way. So let me make it up to you by posting food shots from our recent trip to Manila.

 Gyu Chisu Maki from Omakase

American Dream from Omakase

Jurassic Maki from Omakase

Sisig from Gerry's Grill

Grilled Squid from Gerry's Grill

Grilled Seafood Platter from Josephine's Tagaytay

 Pork Binagoongan from Josephine's Tagaytay

This trip wasn't good for my diet. Not at all. But as expected, my belly was very happy. I'll post more pics soon. Hang in there!

P.S. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope yours was spent with your nearest and dearest. Mine was spent with friends that I consider as family. Enjoy the holidays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

good times

Long live the King! We have 3-day weekend to celebrate his 83rd birthday.

This long weekend, all D and I did was sleep. Well, that and host parties at home. Heh. Last Friday, we hosted our friend Shane's birthday party. We ordered tons of pizza and other friends brought tons of booze. With the amount of alcohol we consumed, you'd think, "Liquor ban? What liquor ban?" We played Taboo in the midst of drunkenness which led to one of the security guards to come up to our place to tell us to tone it down. Haha! Did that stop us? Well, not really. The party wrapped up at 4 am! Good times.

Saturday was spent recuperating. And after sleeping for the whole day, we headed out to my designer's boutique to have the first fitting of my dress. It's turning out good! I come back next week to have another fitting. I am excited to see the dress all done and of course, wear it on The Day. D purposely opted not to go in the boutique for the fitting. He's adamant that he doesn't want to see it until I walk down the aisle on the day of the wedding. I think that's sweet of him and I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees me in my wedding dress.

The fitting was followed by a dinner party at a Filipino friend's house. As usual, the food was good and the company even better. I do feel a little guilty when I bring D to these gatherings. I get lost in conversing in my native tongue, leaving D left out. Ah well... that should force him to learn Tagalog. Ha!

The good times rolled that night til the wee hours of the morning. Again. So Sunday was spent recuperating. Again. Then later in the evening, a group of friends came over to finish what's left of the booze we had on Friday. Somehow, we ended up in a Filipino restaurant singing our hearts out in Karaoke and eating greasy but oh-so good Filipino food. Good times, good times.

It's a Monday and a holiday... SHWEET! I forced myself to get out of bed early because I don't want another day spent in bed. D and I plan to be productive today (READ: do stuff for the wedding). I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one.

But you know what's even sweeter than a Monday holiday? A one-day work week! Yeah, that's right. This week, D and I are only working on Tuesday (and I just have to go half day!!) because from Wednesday til Sunday, we'll be in Manila for my brother Nickoy's wedding! It's D's first time in the Philippines and he is beyond excited. I am looking forward to taking him to my favorite restaurants, introducing him to my relatives and friends, and showing him where I grew up. But more than anything, I am excited to see my brother promise ever after to his high school sweetheart. I assure you, there will be tears!

No pictures on this post but I will make it up to you when we get back! Sending good vibes to y'all!


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