Saturday, September 3, 2011

the week that was and the week that will be

The weekend. Finally. The past week felt like the longest week evarrr. I got home yesterday and crashed into bed. I woke up at 1 am and realized that my Friday makeup was still on and the taste of what I had for dinner still lingered in my mouth. I got up to do my business in the bathroom and felt too awake to go back to sleep. I started packing and finished past 2 am. 

I'm planning to take it easy today. And by easy I mean, re-packing my already packed luggage at 6 am. Did I mention that my flight is not until Sunday morning? 

I leave for a week-long business trip to India tomorrow. My first time. I'm excited and anxious. Excited to be in a new destination. Anxious for what will most likely be stressful, long-working days. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it won't be all work and no play. 

I'm off to start my "easy day" now. No, for realz this time. I plan to get a 2-hour massage and get my nails done did. Pictures of India when I get back.
Indian Rupees!
Taken on the day I changed my Thai Baht to Indian Rupees.


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